About Us

The Construction Company of “Graditelj NS” Ltd. was established on 15-th of April,1994. on the grounds of longtime professional expertise and experience of its founder Mr. Ljupko Kalaba, the graduated civil engineer, with numerous domestic and international projects.

From its very beginnings with just a dozen of employees and a couple of vehicles up to this day, it grew into an organized enterprise with over 350 full-time employed, entirely equipped with the necessary technical, technological and human resources to successfully perform, even exceed clients expectations, to communicate effectively with the communities affected and to respect the natural environment.

The ownership of the Company is 100% private.

“Graditelj NS” Ltd. has gained valid references, market position, further development and permanent growth due to its expertise, consistency and commitment of the employees, reasonable service item prices, meeting the deadlines, possession of complex and advanced technology to perform the significant projects governed under state, public enterprises or private sector.

The Vision: of “Graditelj NS” Ltd. is to remain successful in its domain, to last, develop and grow on healthy, firm basis. To be the Contractor of choice.

The Mission: The permanent education, professional training and stimulation of the employees keep the Company to carry out the mission of full engagement of its capacities, qualities, synergy and effective team work to the plaesure of the customers, employees and the owner, itself.

The Company has chosen to invest its profits in the development of its staff and a comprehensive , modern fleet to ensure close project control, quality reliability and retained knowledge; the proof of which are the repeat orders and clients? impression of our ability to provide high workmanship on time , to a high standard and within budget.

Our reputation is built up through many years of trading relationships and is excellent with our clients, partners and supply chain.


“GRADITELJ NS” LTD. has been awarded The Great Licence for the specific civil engineering facilities construction, governed by the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia or other Authorized Body of the Autonomous Province, as follows:

Hydrotechnical facilities

  • Interregional and regional water and sewage systems
  • Water treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Hydrotechnical facilities against high water in the urban and rural residential areas
  • Structures for passenger docks and ports
  • Hydrotechnical facilities of high dams and accumulations filled with water, waste-rock or ash with provided technical monitoring

Construction works

  • Civil engineering facilities of high dams and accumulations filled with water, waste-rock or ash with provided technical monitoring
  • For hydroelectric power plants of 10 or more MW
  • For thermoelectric power plants of 10 or more MW
  • Structures for passenger docks and ports
  • Structures for road facilities ( bridges )
  • I and II category state roads, road facilities, road junctions for these roads and border crossings
  • Structures of navigable lines, ship locks, that are not part of an hydropower system

Policy of integrated quality management system

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